Thank Your Teachers

Happy 2017-2018 school year to all my teachers and students!



As you sit anxiously (not eagerly) watching the days of summer vacation dwindle away to nothing, thank your teachers.

I know you have yet to meet them, or if by chance you have met them, to interact with them in any real way yet, but thank them nonetheless. You may not have given them more than a passing thought as of now, but I guarantee they have already thought of you. How is your name pronounced? Do you like to read? Are groups comfortable for you? Is the test score on file indicative of your full capability? Did you travel at all this summer? Have you ever been outside of the state?

They have attended countless classes, meetings, and trainings in preparation for you. They are optimistic that this year they will finally get to that really awesome bonus unit they designed themselves . . . once they get through the required curriculum and…

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