Do Not Fear the Chaotic Page

Do not fear the messy page, rife with cross-throughs and edits. Those smudges and X’s are like the billowy green algae visible just beneath the surface of the water, evidence of the life lurking beneath. Inception, growth, death, and new life all entwined in the microcosm of the page. Rich, full.

No, do not fear the organic, masterful chaos of the initial writing. This is the best part! Riddled with passion, curiosity, hope. The edits are not half as soulful as these wild and free creations.

Fear the blank slate. The suffocating emptiness of escaped thoughts, of brilliance silenced. Your words- your beautiful, flawed, maddening words- are the life-blood of this eco-system.

So do not worry about keeping it neat and tidy. It’s time to delve into the muck.

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