Read the Damn Books!: A Fangirl’s Plea

It’s almost time! #GOT7




We like to escape. Take us to faraway lands with mythical creatures and beautiful rulers. Show us individuals who have it way worse than we do. And then show us ones who have it way better. Make us forget that performance reviews are coming up and that Susan from Marketing swiped our yogurt (again) and take us elsewhere. But make us think a little too. Expand our schema and leave us with a riddle to digest. That’s what we demand of our films and our tv series, right? Game of Thrones has a staggering following- and is worthy of every single fan, in my humble opinion- for just these reasons. Lots of blood, sex (though not as many weiners as South park would have you believe), magic, and grotesquerie, but also a lot of thought, so much so that upon a re-watching you are almost guaranteed to find some…

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