A Mother’s Grief Transformed Through the Gospel of John: His Last Words by Kim Erickson



One night Kim’s beautiful, blonde three-year-old son went to sleep. And never woke up. During a time of utter despair, Kim found Christ and began to study the gospel. In His Last Words, she draws upon her insight as a grieving mother and fledgling Christian (at the time), to lead women through a biblical study of the Gospel of John, focusing on the last words Jesus spoke to his disciples.

Intended as a group study for women, His Last Words is organized into a seven-week format, with small sections to read and reflect upon each day . There are many guiding questions for pre-study focus, as well as closing journal questions to gather and document insight gained through the day’s reading. As a former high school English teacher, I appreciate how well-organized the study is and how repetition of key goals and follow-up on past discussion points are used throughout.

I study literature so I greatly enjoyed sifting through John 13-17, line by selected line, studying the semantics and gaining meaning from Christ’s words. My only criticism of the book is that I sincerely wish the corresponding biblical passages focused upon and referenced for further study were included within the book. While I understand that this is meant to get readers into their bibles, it would still be helpful to read the biblical passages, directly from the text, in one nice, solid chunk prior to dissecting line by line.

This is a great, writing-intensive biblical study for groups of all ages, but intended for women as part of a series from Moody Publishers.

*- I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.


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