A Holiday Gift Guide for the Book Buffs in Your Life

Baby, all I want for Christmas is books.” (How on earth did you know, Mariah?!)
Odds are if you don’t live your life with your nose in a book, you probably know someone who does. As one of the aforementioned species, I’d like to offer up my suggestions on gift options for the bookish:

1. Book Tower or Book Advent Calendar- #booksonbooks

This one is pretty straightforward.
Step 1: Go get a shit ton of books.
Step 2: Wrap them.
Step 3: Present them.
Now, we have options here. The books needn’t be pricey or even new. A thrift store treasure hunt can turn up some high-quality gems and should arn you bonus points for finding titles befitting of your giftee. That is, unless he or she is a materialistic snob, though these qualities are more often found in non-readers (or so I’ve read).
You can also stagger your presentation of the books advent calendar style, proffering up one a day (ideal for a spouse or housemate) or stack those bad boys, wrangle with ribbon, and be done.

2.   Nerdy Literary Fandom Merch- #harrypotterondeck

Bookworms fangirl (and guy) with the best of them, so pull up your Amazon Prime and search “Harry Potter gift set”. Now you have options for days! We nerds like to show off and attract fellow nerds, so gift us with a Tyrion Lannister quote tee or a white whale cuff bracelet so we can drone on and on about it to any and every receptive audience we find.

3. Book Box Subscription- #bookmail

I love box subscription services. They combine my love for accumulating stuff with my reluctance to go out and purchase said stuff. And who doesn’t love getting surprises in the mail?! Book boxes are especially great because quite a few of them provide the literary-themed fangirl merch mentioned above. You can sign a friend up for a one-time box so neither of you will be blindsided with a bill for subsequent boxes.

4. Bookstore or Amazon Gift Card- #easyout

Though it may feel like cheating, a gift card is a great option for the reader in your life. New books, even e-reader titles, are expensive and are often deemed an unnecessary expense. By providing a gift card, you provide your giftee permission to splurge, guilt-free. And it gets you off the hook of trying to determine if he or she prefers hardcover, paperback, e-reader, new release, classic, etc.

Now, if someone could please refer my husband, mother, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, bff, colleague, neighbor, mailman, and hairdresser to this post, I’d greatly appreciate it.

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