Call me Shawn

Welcome, fellow bibliophiles (those who got the nod to Moby Dick) and casual readers alike! Since I have yet to birth the great American novel residing somewhere in the depths of my being, (surely there must be one in there, right? Let’s blame the toddler for lack of free time, energy, motivation, etc.), I have decided to exercise my brain and exorcise some of my writers block demons by starting a literary blog.

IMG_20160618_205209 (1)(My not-so-terrible newly-two-year-old reading on the story time stage at Barnes and Noble with Grandpa.  #hegetsitfromhismomma #igetitfrommydaddy)

I tend to read books in mass quantities (at night, hiding from husband, chihuahuas, and Maine Coon, and praying aforementioned toddler sleeps soundly) and am part of a book club with several of my fellow English department retirees. We sift through tons of titles and I find myself exposed to, and enthralled with, works I would never have chosen, let alone found, on my own.

Screenshot_2016-06-21-12-58-20-1.png(One of our recent book club selections. I’m gonna go with March given my Easter centerpiece.)

I will bring these titles, along with any that I consume on my own, (because you know I gotta throw some George R.R. Martin and teen reads in there to break up the “fine literature” ) to you guys and promise the following:

1. I will not spoil any endings or big plot twists. (I could’ve throat-punched  a reviewer featured on Amazon who totally spoiled multiple significant aspects of The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer for me. Still going to read.)


2. I will be fair but not unbiased, providing my opinion but also playing devil’s advocate and/or providing opposing viewpoints from my peers. Note: I have a predilection for dark, gothic-feeling works and absolutely despise anything that reads like a Hallmark or Lifetime movie original. To hell with damsels in distress and trite

3. I will put you on to some awesome reads. Whether you actually experience their greatness for yourself, or just use them as coffee table books to look smart in front of your guests, is entirely up to you.


Next post I’ll give you my take on The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman so you can decide if you want to read it before it comes to theaters this fall! (Side note: Have you noticed that blue books are the new black?!)











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      1. Wonderful 🙂 I just like to spread the word about that site and the opportunities it provides- I had no idea it existed until someone else mentioned it to me in a comment on my blog.

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